If I was a white dude, what do you think my prices would be? We are not in a genuinely competitive market where people are playing with the same deck. There was a time when artists (not white men) had no cards to play with at all. So just because this subset of so-called ďwomen artistsĒ gets paid something, they are still short about 48 cards in a 52 card deck. However, I am expected to play and am admired for the same level of quality, endurance, excellence, attention and drive as my counterparts who are making millions when I am only banking (I consider myself lucky - should I?) in the hundreds or tens of thousands. I am a competitor. I am just as intriguing as any other good artist. I would say I invoke a kind of fear because even though I am as good or better, the ones holding the full deck have the upper hand even when they suck. They are allowed to grow old and become mediocre, lazy, delegate ideas, disengage, have crises about their virility, or whatever strikes their fancy as they mature. This is not an option for me. I always have to fight for visibility and fight to be heard until the day that I die. And when I die, people will tend to like me more, though thatís true of all artists. Iím 9% of the market competing on an equal level with the remaining 91%.

I like boxers a lot. The MMA fighter Connor McGregor and the Irish Demolition Man Kevin McBride. I dated him in Graduate school, he ended up beating Tyson.

When anyone asks me to be in an all-woman show, I tell them in no uncertain terms to fuck off. I was born an artist, just like any other artist.

People should generally be more honest about how dishonest they are. People are weak. They should spend money on quality, and nothing else. And they should have the balls to do it. Life is short. A Mustang looks like a sportscar, but itís not a Ferrari. Buy the Ferrari. Show some balls and buy the Ferrari, and not some crappy Mustang because all your friends bought Mustangs. If you want to be a real collector who puts their money where the courage is at and where the tough work is at and where the history is being made, then show your worth.

Activism is not the market. Until the market changes, activism is like entertainment. Itís a distraction. I honestly see it as a kind of sideshow. Art, at the end of the day, is about performance in the sense of strength and how it really penetrates and effects the viewer past the boundaries of time. Activism has nothing to do with that, and Iíll go back to the cars - you can create the biggest ad campaign you want to convince everyone that an American made Mustang is as good as a Ferrari, but it never will be. So acknowledge the value of the Ferrari, pay for it, and donít settle for less. Have you ever heard the sound of a Ferrari engine? Itís deep and low, it purrs. No Mustang sounds like that. No Mustang feels like that. Thatís reality stepping in, but who wants to be in a coffin when you can ride?

Iíve always called feminism the f-word, as in ďfuck you.Ē I refuse to be categorized as anything other than myself, and in any terms other than the work I produce. My language is my own, and it stands alone. This is a quality that is true for any strong and enduring artist - its also why so many people admire a serious artist. Their shape, their language, their form, how they work, who influences them, cannot be categorized, imitated, or easily understood in any terms other than the work itself.

PPower imbalances were not invented by Machiavelli or Vladimir Putin. The point is just not to be weak. If you believe in what youíre doing, you have to stand up for it, because that is how you stand.

The idea of quotas or requirements in terms of purchasing agendas is akin to requiring a certain amount of art thatís exclusively the color orange. Itís demeaning to the reality of the individuality that every artist holds and that is critical to their work being their own. For example, some people want to get married to women - does this mean they should go out and marry some woman simply because sheís a woman? And to that end, because women are important should they go out and marry 8 women? No. Obviously when it comes to allowing something into your life, itís about quality. Quality should be reflected not just in how much people love it, write about it, copy it, admire it, talk about it, want to be it, or even worship it, itís how much they want to pay for it. Itís reflected in the price. So historically, there are a lot of top quality artists who have been sold and are being sold right now at one hell of a bargain. The artist is getting shortchanged. On the flip side, theres a lot of crappy artists out there with cutthroat, vicious and admirable dealers who are focused only on that artistís market - who are getting the prices inflated, sometimes by millions. Whether the art is really good or not. And yet people buy it anyways. So again, the question is do you want a Mustang marketed as a Ferrari sold to you by a very slick salesman for a very high price? Or do you want the real thing.

When it comes to jewelry, thereís 14 carat gold and theres 22. I only accept 22. Anything less isnít gold to me. All the rings on my fingers and all the rings I have acquired were either traded or given to me by people who understand this.

this is the anthem

this is the anthem

this is the anthem

"...through the thorough and unwavering application of proven means."
It is impossible not to be a Prussian Jerk.
The Great And Powerful Prussian Jerk.
I should have pictures of Bismarck all over - as a reminder of the face I am looking into...
Duty, Honor, and Responsibility
I can never step off the path
But the force of magma is unstoppable

What you need. When you find it you recognize it right way. Not with your eyes, you just know. You have always only been looking for a worthy challenger. In work, and in life. Only then, can you move forward. Only then, can you play.


Rich, rich, rich
> I'll take you out boy
So stuck up
turn it
i don't want no speaking at all

Your hands on my hips pull me right back to you i catch that thrust give it right back to you youre in so deep i'm breathin for you you grab my hair touch my back high for you youre diesel engine im squirtin mad loyal youre down on the floor til my speakers start to boil - i flip shit, and im twisted and you're so thick - and youre so thick - and you're so <->