this is the anthem

this is the anthem

this is the anthem



For snow

Maryna on Lwowska is a pretty girl. What a wonderful girl, I do not want another one anymore I just want ...

Jestem ?nie?nobia?y. Nie widz? snów pod moimi oczami. Pada ?nieg.

I am snow-white under my eyes the dreams I cannot see.

I see the lives of others.

It's snowing.

forced to love the unlovable

you get obssessed with me

you find out what you can of me

you want to possess me

you build me up to be the most desireable object you have ever laid eyes on

you can't believe I am real

you think about me 10000 times while your body explodes

you can't think about me enough

you can't stop thinking about me

and then it turns out - I am real

and it begins to snow


Wann ist es möglich, das Unmögliche zu lieben. Das Herz, das nicht lieben kann Vampir
The teeth in her, two, three, four...not bad the teeth, not bad, now what: what's the name I gave you

Freedom this really is a stroke of luck. We've been looking for you freedom. Now you just slip along and slip away.
In the land of the blind a one eyed man is a freak
So that we may now live in this promised land. The price in this priceless land. As decoration was sewn into the train. Never forget the moral or who paved the trail. Another drifted cinder come to ground. Another sinner whose been found. Is this the Brideship to the Freeworld?

i was on a tram it was a sunny day and in the distance a bearded man rode by on a bicycle he looked like abraham/ishmael/elijah/lincoln oldlanky and thin he caught my eye and smiled as if we both knew something: recognition


CP: Is it true that someone tried to buy your eyes?

CP: Yes.

CP: What happened?

CP: I went into a cell phone store because my phone wasn’t working. There was this old guy who pointed to this young guy. He said: “How much for your eyes?” I was like, what? He said: “I want to buy your eyes.”

CP: Was he trying to be funny?

CP: No, the room was quiet. Everyone was waiting for my answer.

CP: And?

CP: I said I couldn’t give him a price because someone had offered to buy my soul. So, I was trying to decide which I valued more: my eyes or my soul.

CP: So what did he say?

CP: He said, “It doesn’t matter. I’ll buy both. You have 36 years to decide.”

CP: That’s straight out of a horror movie.

CP: Yes, it was fucking scary.

CP: It’s as if he knows exactly when you’re going to die.

CP: What you don’t know and what you can’t see has enormous power over you.

CP: But you like the unknown.

CP: I don't scare easy. Somewhere there is always a weakness. Somehow there is always a way in. Steel is flexible. Iron shatters. The toughest men are afraid of something.

CP: So, when people connect to your work -

CP: They connect to reality or to themselves in a way that I cannot explain. They experience truth, validation, recognition. A journalist approached me the other day at my opening at the Leopold in Vienna, in tears. She was so moved.

CP: What about your experience?

CP: I’m not interested in experience that doesn’t challenge me. There is a need. I am compelled. To make things. To climb mountains. Examine tombs. To explore. I like breaking into graveyards at night and walking around naked. I like to walk through forests naked. I need to be near people who see things differently, naturally, innately. People who go forward unthinkingly towards difficult or new goals. That = respect.

CP: What have you dug up?

CP: Hiking with no clear path – no markings, no indicators. I found a lot of Neolithic tombs; undated, unknown. Viking graves, their weapons, their adornment. A certain farmer in Ireland. A certain mother who can tell stories about Fairy times as if it were now. The ocean. Blood moons. Ford or Dodge Pickup trucks, fast cars (V8 or V12 engine), oxen strength, tattoos.

CP: Do you have any tattoos?

CP: A lot of people have gotten my drawings tattooed on them. It's nice when they ask or tell me about it - when they do they usually send an image.

CP: What about your tattoos?

CP: What about them?

CP: What do you have tattooed on you?

CP: You can only see them if you take my clothes off.

CP: So what are they of?

CP: You would have to take my clothes off.

CP: What are some horror movies that you like?

CP: It (old and new), Poltergeist (staircase scene), The Exorcist (“I am no one”), Get Out. Mythical creatures, old fairytales with strange endings. Good witches, bad witches. Sea gods. Mermaids. The Furies, Valhalla Rising by Nicolas Winding Refn. M by Fritz Lang. Nosferatu. The stories your grandma tells you as a kid that seem more true, still, than the bullshit you have to deal with as an adult.

CP: Okay. Go on.

CP: Vampires, the Polish painter Jacek Malczewski, self-portraits by Sofonisba Anguissola, the Kaisergruft in Vienna, carbon content, steel production.

Duty, Honor, and Responsibility
I can never step off the path
But the force of magma is unstoppable

What you need. When you find it you recognize it right way. Not with your eyes, you just know. You have always only been looking for a worthy challenger. In work, and in life. Only then, can you move forward. Only then, can you play.